Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do the different GoDaddy auction types mean?

  • Expiring Auction: Domain that are going to expire enter public expiring auctions. These auctions last for 10 days and the highest bid wins the domain at the end of the auction. If there are no bids, then the auction turns into a closeout domain auction
  • Closeout Auction: When a public expiring auction does not receive any bids during its 10 day life time, it turns into a Closeout auction. The Closeout auction is a 5 day reverse auction. Anyone can purchase the domain at any time during these 5 days. The domain starts at a price of $12. If no one purchases the domain in the next 24 hours, the price is reduced to $11. This last for another 24 hours after which the price is reduced to $10 and so on till the domain is available for $5. When the domain is at this stage, it becomes a "Bargain Bin" domain.
  • Bargain Bin Domains: Bargain bin domains are available to purchase for $5. Note that if you purchase such a domain for $5, you will also need to pay the renewal fee of $12. If no one purchase a bargain bin domain, within 24 hours, it is released in the free pool for anyone to register
  • Offer/Counter Offer Domains: Third party sellers can list domains directly at GoDaddy auctions. Since these are not expiring domains, sellers are not obligated to go through the sale if they receive a bid. Due to this, often sellers will list their domains just to see what prices they can get without any intention of selling them. We suggest you hide these domains from your view by de-selecting this option in the Search side bar.
  • Offer/Counter Offer with a Buy Now: Sometimes third party sellers who list their domains at GoDaddy auction, are willing to sell the domains for a specific price. These domains can then be purchased directly for that price, bypassing the auction.

2. What Moz metrics do you support?

  • Domain Authority: The DA is the main Moz metric that predicts how well a domain will rank in the SERPs. DA ranges from one to 100. The higher the score, the better the ability of the domain to rank.
  • Page Authority: PA shows how well a specfic page on a website will rank in the SERPs. Since PA related to a single page, it is not that useful to compare expired domains. PA too like the DA ranges from 0 to 100.
  • MozRank: MR is a link popularity score that ranges from 1 to 10. The MR depends on the quality and number of links that the domain has. It is therefore similar to Google's Page Rank.
  • Combined MozRank: The Combined MR is simple the MR of all pages combined into a single value
  • MozTrust: MT is like MozRank in that it measures the quality and number of backlinks. However, it is weighted by the trustworthiness of the websites that link to the domain. Expired domains that have links from known websites will likely have a larger MT than MR. It too goes from 1 to 10.
  • Total Domains: This is simply the number of domains that link to the expired domain
  • Total Back Links: This is simply the number of total links that the expired domain has. Since one website can link to another website multiple times, the Total backlinks will always be greater than Total domains. When gauging the total value of the domain use "Total Domains" instead of this metric.
  • Moz Spam Score: The Moz Spam Score is a metric given by Moz that determines how likely it is for a domain to be spammy. The number goes from 1 to 13. The higher the number, the more spammy the domain.

3. What Majestic metrics do you support?

  • Trust Flow: TF is the main Majestic metric that measures how turstworthy the backlinks to a domain are. This goes from 0 and 100. Expired domains with backlinks from real websites will have a high TF.
  • Citation Flow: CF is similar to PR. It measures the total number and quality of backlinks. Since it does not measure trustworthiness, spammy domains can have a high CF. This metric too goes from 0 to 100
  • TF/CF ratio: While this number is not directly given by Majestic, it is one of the most important derived metrics for buying expired domains. Spammy domains have a high CF, but a very low TF, since the domains they get links from are low quality. Therefore if an expired domain has a TF/CF ratio of less than 0.8, it is very likely to be spammy and one should stay away from it.
  • Links: This is the total number of back links to the expired domain.
  • Domains: This is the Total number of domains that link back to the expired domain.
  • IPs: This is the total number of unique IPs that have domains which link back to the expired domain.
  • Subnets: Total number of unique subnets that have domains which link back to the expired domain.
  • EDU Domains: This is the total number of domains with the .EDU domain extension that link back to the expired domain.
  • GOV Domains: This is the total number of domains with the .GOV domain extension that link back to the expired domain
  • Topical Trust Flow: The Topical Trust Flow is one of the most important metrics provided by Majestic. It shows the categories for the back links to a domain which pass Trust Flow. This is very useful in categorizing expired domains according to individual Niches.

4. What SEMrush metrics do you support?

  • SEMrush Rank: SEMrush maintains a rank for all the millions of domains in its database. This is the rank of the expired domain. A low rank means that the expired domain used to get quite a bit of organic search traffic.
  • Keywords: This is the total number of keywords that the expired domain ranks for in Google
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: This is the total estimated traffic that the expired domain will get every month from Google
  • Cost of traffic: This is total estimated cost of traffic that the expired domain gets from Google based on how much it would cost if you got the same traffic from Google Adwords.

5. What Alexa metrics do you support?

  • Alexa Rank: The current Alexa Rank for the expired domain
  • Top Rank: This is the highest Alexa Rank the expired domain ever reached
  • Rank Delta: This is the change in Alexa Rank for the expired domain from three months back. If the trend is increasing, this number will be negative.
  • Country Rank: When the expired domain gets a lot of traffic from a specific country, we show the Alexa Country Rank
  • Back Links: This the total number of backlinks to the expired domain