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Moz Metrics
(checked on 2018-02-06)
Moz Rank2.24/10
Moz Rank (www)2.38/10
Moz Trust0.00/10
Moz Trust (www)0.00/10
Domain Authority11.82/100
Page Authority22.08/100
DA/PA Ratio0.54
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Combined MozRank5.24 /10
Combined MozRank (www)5.24/10
Moz Spam Score5
- The ratio of content in ads, navigation, and links to total page content is high (can indicate very little unique or useful content)
- Pages on this subdomain have a high number of links relative to the content of the page
- There are a large number of external links within sidebars and footers
Majestic Metrics
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Trust Flow0/100
Citation Flow5/100
TF/CF Ratio0
Total Back Links7
Total Ref Domains2
Total Ref Edu Domains0
Total Ref Edu links0
Total Ref Gov Domains0
Total Ref Gov links0
Total Indexed Pages116
Total Ref Ips2
Total Ref Subnets2
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SEMRush Rank45.2M
SEMRush Keywords1
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Total Social Shares1
Total Facebook Likes/Shares1
Total Facebook Shares1