Expired Domains

[Free] Expired Domains List - Buy Expired Domains with Majestic, Moz, SEMrush, SimilarWeb, Estibot, Alexa & Wayback Archive metrics

Hundreds of thousands of domains expire everyday. While most of them are trash, quite a few are aged domains having excellent backlinks. These can be easily filtered using metrics from Majestic (Trust Flow) & Moz (Domain Authority). These are great for your money sites or for building private blog networks. Some of these domains have natural organic traffic, that can be determined by their SEMrush rank or the SimilarWeb data. These are great for domain parking or for promoting affiliate offers.
The table below lists domains that have expired and will drop soon. Simply click the expiring domain name to be taken to the website where you can either bid on it or buy it directly.

Domain Age yrs Page Rank Moz DA Moz PA Moz Domains Majestic TF Majestic CF TF/CF Ratio Majestic Domains Estibot Value Domain Price Bids Ending In
outparish.com 0 -1 1.00 1.00 - - - - - $0 0 0 02m
baldjew.com 14 -1 1.00 1.00 - - - - - $0 0 0 03m
blockchainannouncements.com 0 -1 1.00 1.00 - - - - - $0 0 0 04m
oversman.com 0 -1 1.00 1.00 - - - - - $80 0 0 04m
overween.com 6 3 11.00 44.00 768 2.00 10 20 334 $120 0 0 05m
blackinwhite.today 0 -1 2.00 1.00 - - - - - $0 0 0 05m
mccallhollie.com 0 -1 1.00 1.00 - - - - - $0 0 0 06m
ovicular.com 0 -1 1.00 1.00 - - - - - $50 0 0 06m
cixal.com 7 -1 0.00 1.00 - - 3 - 1 $640 0 0 06m
in78.com 0 0 2.00 12.00 9 - 5 - 3 $0 0 4 07m
What are expired domains?
Expired domains are those domains which were previously purchased by someone (company, organization or an individual), but were not renewed after the contracted ended with their Registrar.
How can I find out when a domain expires?
You can use Whois service, a query and response protocol used to lookup domain information from the concerned registry. The Whois output lists the date of registration, date of expiry as well as the date of the last update to the domain.
How long does it take for a domain name to be available after it expires?
Once a domain expires, the registrar will allow around 30 days for the original owner to renew it. This period depends on the registrar and can range from 2 weeks to a whole year. Once this period is over, the domain enters the "Pending Delete" status, during which it cannot be renewed, purchased or modified in any way. Once the Pending delete status is over, the domain is dropped back into the available pool, and can now be purchased by anyone.
What happens when a domain expires?
When a domain expires, it is deactivated immediately, i.e. all services that rely on the domain name will no longer work. This means that when you try to access the website, it will no longer show up. At this time the domain owner still has 30 days to renew the domain, but cannot make any changes to it.
What are GoDaddy Auctions?
GoDaddy Auctions is a marketplace where GoDaddy lists domains that have expired and are in the renewal grace period. Apart from these GoDaddy also lists other domains, but the expiring auctions at GoDaddy are the most popular. Based on the percieved value of the domain, domainers and SEOs bid on these auctions. If the original owner does not renew the domain, the top bid wins the auction and gets the domain name.
How do I use GoDaddy Auctions?
To get the most from GoDaddy Auctions, you should first decide on the way you want to evaluate the domains. Domainers tend to look at the words in the domain name, while SEOs care about the backlink equity. If you are a domainer, you should look at Estibot, Domain Index or Valuate scores. If you are an SEO, you should look at the Ahrefs, Moz and Majestic metrics to gauge the value of the backlinks. Once you have figured this out, you should look at these numbers for every domain you find on GoDaddy Auctions. Do not be afraid of bidding on the Closeout auctions, as you can get good domains for cheap.